Shut Up and Good Physical Health

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  • Published : December 25, 2012
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"A bitter pill"| A situation or information that is unpleasant but must be accepted.| "Ace in the hole"| A hidden or secret strength, or unrevealed advantage.| "Achilles' heel"| A metaphor for a fatal weakness in spite of overall strength.[note 1]| "Add insult to injury"| To further a loss with mockery or indignity; to worsen an unfavorable situation.| "All ears"| Listening intently; fully focused or awaiting an explanation.| "All thumbs"| Clumsy, awkward.|

"At the drop of a hat"| Without any hesitation; instantly.| "Barking up the wrong tree"| Looking in the wrong place.| "Basket case"| One made powerless or ineffective, as by nerves, panic, or stress.| "Beat around the bush"| To treat a topic, but omit its main points, often intentionally or To delay or avoid talking about something difficult or unpleasant.| "Bite off more than one can chew"| To take on more responsibility than you can manage.| "Bite the bullet"| To endure a painful or unpleasant situation that is unavoidable.| "Bite the dust"| Euphemism for dying or death.|

"Break a leg"| A saying from the theatre that means "good luck."| "Burn the midnight oil"| To work late into the night, alluding to the time before electric lighting.| "Bust one's chops"| To say things intended to harass.|

"By the seat of one's pants"| To achieve through instinct or do something without advance preparation.| "By the skin of one's teeth"| Narrowly; barely. Usually used in regard to a narrow escape from a disaster.| "Call it a day"| To declare the end of a task.|

"Chew the fat"| To chat idly or generally waste time talking.| "Chink in one's armor"| An area of vulnerability|
"Clam up"| To become silent; to stop talking, to shut up.| "Cold shoulder"| To display aloofness and disdain.|
"Cut a rug"| To dance|
"Cut the mustard"| To succeed; to come up to expectations.| "Don't have a cow "| Don't overreact.|
"Drop a dime "| Make a telephone call;...