Shunning in Modern America

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  • Published : January 20, 2011
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The most unexpected individual to be shunned by society is a smiling, recognizable face of American television. Shunning has been an integral part of human society from its inception, when man first left behind individual lifestyles and banded together to create the precursors to modern civilization. All cultures, societies, and civilizations contain those that would seem unwanted, which ultimately results in the shunning of individuals. When a community shuns a citizen within it, it is because the said individual has been marked by society, most likely due to their actions or their heritage. This demarcation of an individual puts them on a pedestal before their peers, on which their actions are constantly monitored. The publicity of celebrity lives often offers a greater chance to be shunned by society. The pitchman of Shamwow and Slap-Chop products, Vince Shlomi, experienced such degradation when he was arrested and publicly humiliated after assaulting a prostitute. It’s an unfortunate occurrence when a once much respected character “falls from grace”. Though shunning may have changed in method, it certainly has not changed in terms of intent or principle over the centuries. Sexual acts and misconduct have often drawn some of the worst ire from society due to the stigma of sex in most society. This sort of misconduct has been causing shunning since the early 16th century. In the case of Vince Shlomi, it was a sexual and violent misdeed that defaced his fame. Shlomi lost his endorsements after hiring a prostitute and battering her after she “bit his lip and wouldn’t let go” (Huffington). The prostitute was brutally bludgeoned, and the media took the story by storm. The circumstance caused Shlomi’s downfall. Sexual and/or violent encounters such as this, which draw the eyes of the public can obviously be seen as some of the problems most looked down upon in society. Even in the early years of America’s founding, sexual misdeeds were considered some of the...
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