Shunned at Berkely

Topics: Jeremy Strohmeyer, Guilt, Kill Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: December 7, 2011
Kylie Humber Humber 2 Ms. Moore
English 10a

“Shunned at Berkley”
Should David Cash be expelled? In my opinion, yes. Although I do understand that unfortunately no laws were broken on his behalf, my opinion stands firm. He is a heartless being, a person with no remorse, and no conscience. Anyone who stands by and watches someone rape an innocent seven-year-old girl and holds information of her murder should be put in prison for life.

It was in the bathroom of a casino when Cash’s best friend, Jeremy Strohmeyer raped and killed seven-year-old Sherrice Iverson. Cash watched over the bathroom stall as Strohmeyer raped the little girl and threatened to kill her, covering her mouth to stifle her screams. Cash then left the bathroom. Moments later Strohmeyer also exits the bathroom and tells Cash the he had killed Iverson. Both Cash and Strohmeyer walked around the campus freely until police arrested Strohmeyer and put him in prison, but decided Cash was not guilty. After the incident Cash repeatedly brags about it all around the campus. The school board decided that since he was found not guilty, he would be allowed to remain at Berkley. This was not a good idea by any means.

Universities like Berkley often rely on reputation for more applicants. For example, say someone wanted to be an engineer, and they had heard that Georgia Tech had a really good engineering program. They would apply to Georgia Tech because of that reason. Now let me ask you a question: Would you want to attend a University where someone like David Cash walks around freely? Or would you want to go to a school where you have to question the Boards’ sanity for letting him remain? Berkley will lose much credibility from applicants because of this issue.

This incident has also obviously caused uproar for the other students. Everyone there hates Cash. “I never look...
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