Shui Fabrics: a Critical Analysis of a Global

Topics: Management, Optimism, Culture Pages: 3 (1149 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Shui Fabrics: A Critical Analysis of a Global

Case analyses are a way to analyze different types of problems or issues a company has over a period of time. They focus on issues such as changes that supervisors and managers are forced to deal with. These changes can vary such as a company’s business strategy or the overall completive industry. Case analyses are valuable tools for several reasons. They are able to give an example and provide a scenario of problems that would not be available if not for that analysis. They also go hand and hand with what has been learned in the classroom as well as outside the class. It can cause students to practice their management skills as well as relate and analyze the problems. Developing analytical and judgmental skills are key in any case study. The purpose is to understand, develop, and effectively manage. From this case study and this chapter I hope to learn how to effectively manage teams on a global level. I also hope to gain insight on things that I can do in order to make my communication and my tactics toward other cultures effective. PROBLEM

A major problem for Shui Fabrics is that the ROI over the past three years has not increased from 5%. Paul, the president of the company believes that there should have been at least a 20% growth within those years (Daft, pg 119). As discussed in the class discussion this week a business’s main focus cannot be ultimately based on profitability alone. A company must first value its employees and then profits. Shui fabrics, a very successful company struggled with this concept. Their main problem was that they began to lose sight of what was important. The company was thriving within the United States, but it was costing the company more money to operate within the states than in china. In china the amount that a company has to pay its employees is a fraction of what a company must pay its employees here in America. Where the...
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