Shubert -String Quartet Analysis

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  • Published : May 8, 2005
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1.String quartet in d minor (D.810) 1st movement Allegro formal diagram

Name of form part of subpart inclusive m. total m. tonality commentary

Exposition 1-140 140 strong vierhebigkeit throughout Introduction 1-14 14 d; i---V Aggressive main triplet rhythm 1st theme 15-24 9 i---V main melody in the viola extension of 1st theme 25-40 16 i---V main melody in the 1st violin transition 41-51 11 i---V 1st theme element is used 2nd theme 52-60 9 F; I---V The triplet figure also appears in this 2nd subject transition(theme) 61-82 22 F; I---V The triplet figurer becomes an accompanyin figure played on the viola .

prolongation I of transition 83-101 19 F; I---d; V transition melody repeated prolongation II of transition 102-114 13 various—F; I transition melody repeated prolongation III of transion 115-140 26 F; I---iii transition is used as a codetta to prepare the repetition

Development 141-197 57
Area I 141-162 22 F; V- e; V modulation form F to e using trans. melody Area II 163-186 24 e; I—d; V modulated key prepares to return to the original key of d minor using trans melody. Area III 186-197...
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