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Ethan klyce
Shroud of Turin

{2} The Shroud of Turin is a cloth that shows the image of a crucified man, supposedly god. The cloth matches the wounds that Jesus had on his body. There are wounds around his forehead, which match the story that Jesus had to wear a crown of thorns. Also there are multiple knives like wounds that go from his shoulder to the bottom of his leg which match the whippings he received. Scientists have completed various studies and research on the Shroud of Turin. The carbon dating test concluded that the shroud is not much more than 700 years old, which meant that the cloth was not around the same time as Jesus. Some people believe that this may be inaccurate because of the fire that causes the end of the Shroud to burn. They also feel that this may be inaccurate because the shroud’s fibers were damaged due to the bacteria and fungi which developed on the cloth over hundreds of years. There are also researchers who say that the facial and bodily features of the man are out of proportion making it unreasonable. {2}

The bible is the one of the most trustworthy records of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection and mentions nothing of the shroud, In the bible and according to Jewish customs it states, that there were several pieces of cloth that covered Christ at his burial but the shroud is just one long sheet. Also in john 20:5-7 it states that there was another piece of cloth covering his head but in the shroud it shows that there was a face on the sheet. In December2009, an archaeologist discovers a piece of cloth that was almost identical to the one that Christ was buried with. They tested this piece of cloth and found that it was dated back to the time of Christ but it was constructed of entirely different material than the shroud of Turin. Many experts believe that the shroud was dated around 100 years after the death of Christ. {1} while researching the shroud one scientist found a pale, gelatin-based substance speckled...

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