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  • Published : February 23, 2011
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Animated Movies – Shrek
Animation has taken a whole new turn to the entertainment industry. With movies, cartoons, and books these new advancements have brought an audience of people to enjoy it. Children are the main audience of any type of animation and they have been entertained by it as well. Hit shows like SpongeBob SquarePants and Fairly OddParents, plus many more, have entertained children everyday and gives them their own type of show or movie to watch. Movies have also changed the views of children as well. Disney and Pixar are two of the most popular animated film creators out there bringing in many different titles that both children and adults have enjoyed. One of the most popular animated movies that attract an audience of all ages is Shrek. Shrek has had many viewers on each of the four sequels of the movie.

Shrek has attracted many children, as well as adults and teenagers. The giant green ogre had encountered on a journey that no man has ever been able to complete. Along with his sidekick, an annoying and obnoxious donkey played by Eddie Murphy, they embark on a journey to save a beautiful princess from being locked in a tower with a fire breathing dragon guarding her. This journey has said to be funny and amusing to children. The most popular character of the movie is donkey because of his funny remarks and annoyance towards Shrek. These characters met during the first movie and have been close throughout them all. Each of the sequels of the movie has created many millions of dollars from viewers of all ages.

Throughout each of the movies, the characters progress and new characters are brought in. We meet new animated characters that bring their own attitude and meaning to each of the films. Characters and voices are a major part of any film geared towards children. Having actors that everyone enjoys is a big must in a movie. Shrek had one of the funniest and best line of actors in a childrens movie in my opinion. Mike Myers as Shrek,...
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