Shrek Criticism Assignment

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Characteristics of Post- Structuralism Post- Structuralism was developed from the structuralist theory created by Foucault in the twentieth century. It questions whether the idea of deep structures were created to comfort us, rather than being the truth. Post- structuralism takes you beyond the binary opposition and challenges what you have learned and teaches you that nothing is fixed or predictable and things also change over time. This theory examines the outside structure of texts. A form of Post- structuralism is Deconstructionism. The idea is to take things people are familiar with, mixing them up , and then giving it a new outcome which is traditionally known.The outcome can either be replaced, or even made better.

Some of the strengths in which Post- structuralism are that the outcome is not determined by the author. It is based on what you have seen and expect to happen. Another strength off this perspective is that is "face validity and power can change hands, and this is something we seen in our society everyday" (Cook)

Some of the weaknesses of Post- structuralism is that it fails to explicit about how to engage with the analysis of the text or context. It tends to critique and deconstruct established systems and shows the limitations and lack od meaning. It does not help in creating change or renewal of structures. Another weakness is that "there isn`t necessary plurity in the new media, so not everyone can create a discourse as easily" (Cook).

Movie Application In the movie Shrek, the fairytale is not you typical version of what we believe to be a happy ending in our society. Shrek demonstrates the conventional prototype of a recognizable fairytale. He does this by giving new meaning and implication based on the old allegorical structure that fairytale are build upon by reincarnating famous characters from various tales of Disney...
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