Shrek and Fiarytales

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Shrek is a film which has become notorious for bringing the trade mark fairy tale characters together into a common world. It is no difficult to identify the changes that have been made to the traditional genre of fairy tales and these changes in turn, creates a parody of all the tales included and takes them into another level of depth as one relates to the original tale. The element of parody is evident through the moral of the film, the traditional characters included, the Story itself and the fairy tale motifs. The major aspect of the film which stands out to people of all ages is the familiar fairy tale characters and how they have been humorously portrayed. The audiences first encounter with Donkey involved the eviction of the fairy tale creatures, Tinkerbelle is kicked and falls on Donkey who is covered in pixy dust and says "I can fly" and people around including three little pigs, go say "He can fly, he can fly" which is referencing Disney's Peter Pan followed by a reference to Dumbo "You might have seen a house fly, a super fly, but I bet you've never seen a Donkey fly." This then leads to the alliance between Shrek and Donkey who travel to the swamp. This is where an array of characters was shown in front of Shrek’s cottage during the night, sent by Farquaad. They ranged from nursery rhymes to legendary folk law; the three blind mice were given an English accent and vocabulary which was done to represent the English origin of the rhyme. “The big bad wolf” was not parodied on his geographical origan but his original context as he was dressed as granny and was ironically found in a bed. The three little pigs were present and spoke in a German accent, which on its own added humour for the younger audience; one of the pigs spoke out during the cottage gathering when Shrek asked why they were there “Lord Farquaad, he huffed and he puffed and he… signed an eviction notice”. A group of characters known as the merry men was a parody of Robin Hood (in this...
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