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  • Published: December 13, 2012
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The network Showtime is constantly breaking boundaries with its two drama series, Dexter and Weeds. Both shows push the limitations of ones morals and ethics. Showtime, which is the leading cable network on television today, proves why these two enthralling shows are so popular. Dexter, the fictional Showtime drama has revolutionized how Americans portray serial killers. The show was based off of the popular novels written by Jeff Lindsay. The series was written by Scott Buck and Daniel Cerone and picked up by the cable network, Showtime. Dexter is an hour-long series that follows bloodstain pattern analysis Dexter Morgan as he satisfies his need for “killing” in the nicest way possible. Dexter is shown to have always been a “killer” since he was a child. Dexter’s childhood is unraveled on the series through flashbacks. We learn that Dexter has suffered a quite traumatic past when his mother was murdered. Harry Morgan, a Miami police officer adopts Dexter. As Dexter grows up we begin to see his “killing” side. When the neighbor’s pets soon begin disappearing, Harry Morgan discovers that Dexter is to blame. As a police officer he realizes that Dexter will never not have the urge to kill. Dexter who cannot explain his urges learns to accept his “devilish” side as does Harry. Harry as a father should sets up strict guidelines and parameters. Audiences now understand why Dexter is as neurotic as he is. Dexter will only kill people who themselves are killers. He carefully makes positive that they are guilty before killing them. Once Dexter has painfully executed his victim he takes a blood sample from the body to add to his vast collection (it is his job after all!) Dexter is able to act in such a horrifying manor due to what he thinks of himself as “emotionless”. Dexter could be summed up as someone who does wrong but with all the right intentions. The character of Dexter is perfectly executed by Michael C. Hall. His work has been greatly noted. Hall himself has received numerous nominations and awards for his work as Dexter Morgan. The show has been a hit since the beginning in its first season October of 2006. Although the show was based off of a novel, its run has gone way past the five-book plotline. This gruesome drama has brought a chilling air to the Showtime line-up which audiences has fawned over for six-seasons. This show is crossing boundaries by having its lead as the protagonist and antagonist; cop and serial killer. As each episode pans out unlike other cop/criminal dramas, which have a new plotline every week we learn more and more about Dexter Morgan through each new victim he finds. Showtime has become known as a network for pushing the envelope as to what should or shouldn’t be allowed on air, just as Dexter does. Weeds is another show on Showtime that is constantly pushing the envelope. Weeds the fictional drama created by Jenji Kohan follows widowed mother of two as she tries to save the life she once lived before her husband died, so she turns to selling marijuana. It’s a gripping story that has “transformed Showtime”. (Pope, NY Times) The show starts in the small town of Agrestic, California. Nancy who once was the typical “pta” mother of her two sons quickly has to find a new source of income when her husband the sole breadwinner dies of a heart attack. Nancy turns to selling marijuana to the wealthy soccer dads in her town. She skillfully creates a team of people to come together and “deal” in order to create more money. Throughout the seasons as Nancy becomes “cockier” with her deals she begins finding herself in troublesome situations. Her two sons whom she tries so hard to keep away from her business become aware of her choice of employment and even get involved themselves. Nancy who becomes somewhat of a “head-honcho” in the weed industry begins mixing with all the wrong people. Nancy by the end of the seventh season has landed herself in jail and then a recovery house in New York City. Nancy...
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