Shower Essay

Topics: Shower, Bathroom, Bathtub Pages: 3 (857 words) Published: December 12, 2011
Ilya Stambolic
Professor Felix
Title: Stay Clean My Friends
Specific Purpose Statement: To Persuade my audience to take showers.

I. Attention
A. Attention: I had a friend in middle school whose name was Jerry, who smelled wretched. I mean Jerry would come in on Monday and would just smell like a homeless shelter bathroom, every day. You could tell when he showered because he would smell like febreeze, for a little while, but then a week later, you’d be dealing with the garbage dump smell again. B. Now I know that you guys don’t want to be Jerry and smell horrible because NO ONE will talk to you, so that’s why you guys are going to have to listen to me. 1. There are also health complications that can occur from lack of showering.

2. I have studied many locker rooms, men’s and women’s and I can tell you first hand that many people don’t take showers. 3. I have sat in the back of this class and I have had to plug my nose several times because of some people.

C. I am going to tell you about why you need to always take showers and how to go through with it. II. Need
A. Fact is that 1 out of 5 people, guys or girls, don’t shower everyday. 1. Look around, if you ask four people if they showered and they said yes, you probably didn’t shower today. 2. Or they are lying but it doesn’t matter, not showering will only bring you problems. i. First of all, if you don’t shower, the people around you will simply not want to be around you. ii. You will also have trouble finding new friends smelling like a hobo, unless you want new hobo friends. 3. You’ve all encountered these stinky people: i. Whether you’re on the bus and the person...
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