Show N Tell and Cultural Monologue

Topics: Culture, Sociology, Anthropology Pages: 1 (266 words) Published: October 12, 2010
York College, City University of New York - Program in Cultural Diversity Fall 2010


(10 points)

For this Assignment, each student will undertake the following: PART 1:Artifact Presentation (Show and Tell):
You are expected to bring in some special material object (artifact) that is representative of your culture (T-shirts, baseball caps, passports, currency, miniature flags, coffee mugs, key-ring holders, music CDs, DVDs, etc – are NOT allowed) OR

Prepare a very short speech on non-material culture, such as a ceremony, customary practice or tradition that holds important values for your group (e.g. Nine Nights, Bar mitzvah).

PART II: Soliloquy (Monologue of Cultural Identity)
1.Each student will write a 2-page (minimum) soliloquy to discuss their cultural identity in affirmative detail (including but not limited to race, religion, gender, nationality, class, ethnicity, sexuality, etc). In your discussion of your cultural identity, you must make reference to these 3 questions: - How does your identification compare with how others may identify you? For example, do people often mistake you to be something else? - What attributes make you proud to be who you are?

- Which elements of your own diversity are you sensitive about? Why? 2. Please note that this portion of the Assignment must be typed and double-spaced. Single-spaced work will be returned to you unmarked. 3. Do not include any part of your ‘Show and Tell’ artifact presentation in the soliloquy. 4. Assignment Due Date: September 11, 2010. Please submit your Cultural Monologue together with your Artifact/Speech. There will be no extensions.
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