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Show Me the Money-Pursuit of Happiness

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Show Me the Money-Pursuit of Happiness

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Happiness is not the main pursuit in the movie “The Pursuit of Happyness”. The main pursuit in this movie is money. Chris Gardner is man that has one thing in mind; making money. His goal is not for greed though it may seem that way in the beginning. His goal is simply to make it in this harsh world. Chris starts off as a man that cannot seem to get ahead of the game of life. He and his girlfriend have a 5 year old son and live in a small apartment. Chris has devoted all of his money, time and efforts into a business that seems to be going nowhere. He has several scanners that are not selling to the doctors in which he is presenting them. So his girlfriend is working double shifts to make ends meet and it still is not enough. She ends up leaving him and her son to pursue a job [money] in New York. Things only get worse for Chris as he pursues what he thinks to be a promising future for him and his son. He has seen the people coming in and out of a building and sees how happy they are and believes that it is because of money. He meets a man in front that has a sports car and the man make Chris believe that he too can have that life. He starts by applying for an intern position that he believes will pay a salary. This is the start of his pursuit of money. He meets one of the executives of the company on the street and he shares a ride in a taxi with him. When the executive gets to his destination, he gets out of the taxi and does not pay; thus leaving Chris to pay a taxi bill of over $18. He was not able to pay, leaving the driver angry enough to say “I’m going to kill you!” In this instance, money has a great influence in making this man angry enough to threaten a life. After the taxi ride, Chris is still in pursuit of the internship at this company for a stock broker. During the time of pursuit, he is still trying to sell the scanners. He is able to sell a few here and there but it is always after he and his son have been kicked out of the...

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