Show Me the Money

Topics: The Pursuit of Happyness, Face, Density Pages: 3 (1405 words) Published: July 30, 2012
Show Me the Money
“The Pursuit of Happiness”
University of Phoenix Fis/200
Tonda Bolinger

I chose the film The Pursuit of Happiness. This movie is a very good example of how money can either make you or break you. It is about the real life a guy named Chris Gardner. He is a well-known stockbroker in California. Chris had just moved in with his wife and young son Christopher when he decided to use his whole life savings to buy these bone density machines. The original thought was that this high profile device would eventually replace the X-Ray machine by providing better imaging. Chris would soon figure out that these bone density devices were luxury item and considered to be well over priced. This making it very hard to sell those to anyone much less make any money to live off of. This was the start of all the problems Chris would face in the upcoming months. Lack of money was a big factor in how the whole movie unraveled. All of the problems he encountered while trying to sell these machines made a huge impact on his income. This led to his wife having to work a whole lot of extra shifts to be able to cover all the bills, adding pressure and financial shortcomings which led to difficult struggles between Chris and his wife. On top of making sure all the bills were paid she also had the young son to take care of. One day Chris was on his way to a potential sale. As he was walking along he saw this guy pull up in this very nice car. When the man steps out he asks him “What do you do, and how do you do it?” The man replies to him that he is a stockbroker; all you have to do is be good with numbers and have good people skills. This really gets Chris’s mind a rolling and making him realize he could reach his dreams. He asks himself “Why can I not be happy like him?” When Chris got back home he was eager to tell his wife all about it, unfortunately she was not as happy to hear it as he was to tell it. She told him that he was not being serious about their...
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