Show Leadership in the Workplace

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2nd December 2011

Show leadership in the workplace

Show leadership in the workplace
Recently I was employed as a Senior Administration Manager for a construction company I work for. Their office procedures were not structured and communication between Senior Managers, Project Managers, Estimators and Accounts were disintegrating due to lack of procedures or procedures being nonexistent. Every person had their own way of working, work schedules were nonexistent, there wasn’t any communication between departments, bills weren’t being paid and invoices weren’t being sent out after a job was completed. It was a real mess and the Director of the company was at his ‘wits-end’. I was employed with the expectation of implementing a change process within the firm.

Information sources utilised in researching issue
The first five working days was basically sitting with each member of the team to gather information about their particular role and their concerns. This firm is relatively small:  DIRECTOR - micro managing every task - trust issues with staff - receiving calls that are more for accounts/administration - lacks interpersonal skills with staff PROJECT MANAGER - information hoarder - not very open with work information to others - not available on mobile - customers complaining that he is uncommunicative - not returning calls, doesn’t answer calls. SENIOR ESTIMATOR - working with old IT equipment - good client interaction - always available on mobile/phone ACCOUNTS CLERK/BOOK KEEPER - not chasing up late payments from clients/not paying late supplier invoices - not as competent with MYOB software as what was understood when employed - pleasant phone manner - seems to think that there isn’t enough time in the day to do her job


ADMINISTRATOR - great telephone manner - wants to assist more with accounts – willing to learn - has a broad knowledge of MSOFFICE - wants to implement forms and templates to existing documentation - feels that she is not being utilised to her advantage

I also researched the firm’s website and some of the feedback that clients have left with regards to work projects and how they were conducted. I rang clients where their projects were already completed and also clients where projects were just starting or in the process of completion.  CLIENT FEEDBACK - sites where left clean and free for builders to start - water meters were damaged from machines - neighbours complained about dust - Project Manager wasn’t available to answer concerns/queries - Project Manager was very helpful and worked with clients - Price of job changed from quotation price given - some sites were signed up for clean site, but full clear site was done - sheds/garages/gardens were demolished when should have been retained - trees marked to stay were destroyed - work team on site were professional and willing to assist client

Team involvement in decision making process
My second week was attempting to get the whole team together for some active participation with an open forum meeting. This proved impossible, no one was interested or willing to participate and attend. I enquired with the Director if he was willing to fund a ‘hump-day’ bbq lunch on the Wednesday which was approved and this actually got everybody interested and willing to stay/come to the office. I organised with each member to bring a plate of something to accompany the meat. After everybody had had some food and quite content is when I took the opportunity to bring up my findings from my investigations. The environment was quite accommodating (not sure if it was the beer) and all were willing to receive my findings and open for some change to take place. The ‘hump-day’ bbq increased input of ideas that actually formed some solutions to initial existing problems within the departments. Each team member shared responsibility for the decisions and the outcomes. In fact the majority of issues were the fact that no one...
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