Shoulg Gpa Be Used in Grading Students

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Should Students’ Grades In Gym Affect Their Grade Point Averages?
Many high schools in the United States of America use grade point average, GPA, to rate student performance. GPA is an average of all the disciplines that a student partakes over a period of study. Emma McDowell states that in ideal situations institutions allocate subjects weights that correspond to their levels of complexity; advanced placement courses have more weight than less involving ones such as physical education. An ‘A’ in Environmental Science, therefore, has more points than an ‘A’ in Physical education. However, many institutions give equal weight to all subjects; hence, begging the question on the suitability of using GPA to classify students. This paper tries to determine whether students’ gym grades should be included while calculating their GPAs.

A student’s athletic ability is entirely dependent on his or her physique. There arerobust students who find gym classes highly enjoyable. However, there are also students who are not physically fit; hence, they have a hard time copying in physical education classes. This discrepancy is a prerequisite for an unfair distribution of grades in gym classes. Physically fit students are able to carry out gym activities without much effort, whereas their counterparts who are less fit than them have to put a lot of effort in the exercises. The result is that most physically fit candidates score higher grades than their other classmates. Students who are weak in gym classes are not to blame for their failure as they are simply not wired to excel in outdoor activities. Including gym grades while computing grade point averages will, therefore, give physically fit students undue advantage over their colleagues in class.

Hence, unless teachers’ grade gym classes putting in mind the student’s effort, gym grades should not find their way into the overall grade point averages. In addition, if they are to be included,...
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