Shoule We Teach Evolution or Creationism in Our Schools?

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  • Published : June 16, 2008
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Should we teach Evolution or Creationism in our schools?
God only knows.

Most Teachers and scientists believe that teaching creationism in the schools is inappropriate because they consider this a religious teaching. Creationists believe that Intelligent Design should be taught in the schools because they hold the Bible to be the text for the blue print of life while proclaiming science a myth. Evolutionists believe that Intelligent Design is not a true science because it cannot be verified. Controversy has risen in the past few years about which theory of thought should be taught due to the rise of Evangelical Christians in the US Government. I believe that public schools should teach Evolution in the science class and that Intelligent Design should be reserved for the home or church.

According to the Constitution of the United States, there must be a separation of church and state. Public schools, being part of the government, should have to abide by the rules of this country. It is actually interpreted by Evolutionists as unconstitutional for Intelligent Design to appear in textbooks. Evolutionists also believe that religious doctrine should have no bearing on what is in the curriculum or textbooks of any public schools. If we were to teach Intelligent Design in school, most sciences, such as Biology, Geology, Nuclear Science, and Astronomy, would become worthless; after all, Creationists believe that the Earth was made in 7 days, not over the course of billions of years. Creationists also have dinosaurs roaming the planet with Adam and Eve, which effectively put Geologists and their carbon dating out of a job.

I believe that science has proved that Evolution is a fact, not fiction. We know through science that the earth is 450 billion years old. We know that Modern man has evolved from Paleolithic man through fossils and the art that has survived to present day. I believe that teaching one type of religious belief gives Christianity and...
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