Shouldn't Homosexual Marriage Legalized in Hong Kong

Topics: Homosexuality, Same-sex marriage, Sociology Pages: 11 (1464 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Shouldn’t same sex marriage be legalised in Hong Kong?


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Introduction Significance Arguments Conclusion

1. Introduction

Introduction:Background Information

Gay marriage around the world

The Economist,19 Nov

Introduction:Background Information

News: Overseas

Sky Post, 26 Mar


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A publicly acknowledged and supported union between a man and a woman Is recognized by law: Creates rights and obligations Involve emotional bonds May involve economic security May involve the unique physical act towards children Children are best flourished



1) Can/Valid (Both are alive; Adults; Not married legally) 2) Do (Agree to sign up) 3) May involve religious ceremonies



Maintain/Sustain constitution of commonly held moral beliefs  Marriage(a man + a woman)  Family  Basic unit of social structure  Help to trace the boundaries of responsibility  Legal commitment ; Have responsibility to care


Codify normalcy into law Symbolic Importance > Symbolized Decency : Emphasize the wholesomeness & Indicate a devoid of sex and violence Foster social cohesion and social solidarity


Sex=Biological/Determined by sex organs Same sex:Involving or restricted to members of the same sex/Gay or Lesbian


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Homosexual orientation & Homosexual activity or conduct “The love dare not to speak its name” (Lord Alfred Douglas,1890s)

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Involved or restricted to members of the same sex Man married man OR Woman married woman (Gay or Lesbian)

2. Significance ( Why)

Sociological Perspective
• Change of Structure • Understanding on Human Rights

Biological Perspective
• Human Nature

Societal Perspective
• Conflict Of The Society • Re-allocation of Social Welfare

3. Arguments (How)

Arguments-Sociological Perspective

Deviance under Functionalism
Functionalists believe that society is held together by social consensus, in which members of the society agree upon, and work together to achieve, what is best for society as a whole

Arguments-Sociological Perspective

Same-sex union VS ‘Marriage’
Acceptance of same-sex marriage would disrupt the institution of marriage itself Homosexuality is considered as deviance and behavior that does not conform to social norms

Arguments-Sociological Perspective

To society: Cause gender-role confusion
Break down of traditional gender roles and family structure Deny personal responsibility  Destroy social order  Perceived threats to majority interests and values  Lack of structure in our inner society  Falling part of civilization

Arguments-Sociological Perspective

To children: Negative effect

Homosexuals pose a threat to children (Pat Robertson, May 24, 1994 letter)  "Marriage is a public institution which keeps them together to raise the children produced by their union (Peter S. Sprigg)  Same-sex couples’ ability to form lasting relationships? Cannot provide personal support to the child  children’s optimal development

Arguments-Sociological Perspective
Negative effect on child mental development:  Likely to engage in same sex relationship  Increase physical and mental health problems as well as social challenges  Gay couple: A great chance to get AIDS  Single parenting problem  Higher rate of depression & to have drug addiction

Arguments-Sociological Perspective

Children will have higher rate to get mental illness  Mood disorder: 3 times higher  Bipolar disorder: 5 times higher

Arguments-Sociological Perspective

Choice = Right?
Choice is not equal to civil rights when it is not good to the society e.g. killing a

Same-sex marriage...
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