Shouldice Hospital

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uShouldice Case
Case 1: Shouldice Hospital Limited
Q1: How does shouldice compete? In other words why do patients come to shouldice hospital? Two main reasons drive customers into choosing Shouldice over other competitors/hospitals. The first is quality, and the other is cost. talking about quality of the Shouldice “product” includes both, quality of the operation, and quality of post operation activities and overall services offered by Shouldice. The Shouldice method is a focused, specified operation that deals with Hernias, with a reputation that has been built throughout the years and is still growing; the hospital doesn’t even use advertisement to attract patients, the “word of mouth” way of advertisement has been doing very well for them so far. The superior quality offered by the Shouldice method, gives the patients a motive to operate at Shouldice for what it gives regarding peace of mind, low risk and low recurrence rates. Away from the in-operation excellence in quality, the services that Shouldice hospital offers are more tempting than other hospitals. Patients do not feel that they are in a hospital; they consider it more like a recovery vacation with an excused absence from work without feeling any guilt in that. Moreover, it gives patients the independence and sense of control and preserves patients’ dignity when it comes to the fast recovery after the operation, and when it comes to the fast ambulation process after the operation, where a patient rises up and walks by himself (definitely under supervised assistance by nurses), and makes him feel in control of his motion and in control of the sedative applied on him which has no effect other than ignoring the pain of the 45 minutes procedure. The financial part of this comparison holds the other big part in the decision taken by a patient to go to Shouldice. Taking into consideration the lower cost of the operation is an enough reason to pick Shouldice, yet, another important notice would be the...
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