Should a city try to preserve its old, historic buildings or destroy them and replace them with modern buildings?

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Should a city try to preserve its old, historic buildings or destroy them and replace them with modern buildings?
A cities beauty is always enhanced by its historical monuments, it shows that how much important the city was in the past. Even though modernization is also important for the growth of the city that does not mean that old historical buildings should be demolished for the growth, When it comes to choose preserve or destroy the old historic buildings, I believe that different people will hold different perspective to this question. In my point of view, a city should preserve the old historic buildings. One of the most important thing is that we need to preserve our history, it is a commonsense. But the problem is How to preserve it? Just write it in the book? Of course not. Every building has its own historical background, especially the old historic buildings from which we can know specifically something about the previous period of history. For example, if the buildings of Ancient Rome have not been preserved till now, how can we know about Ancient Rome's history precisely? Furthermore, the old historic buildings of a city would accentuate a city's culture and characteristic. Delhi being one of the most historically important cities shows that how important preserving historic building can be. The severe development in a city has driven its look into a massive change. The buildings tend to be established in a more contemporary and in a more conceptualized design. Unfortunately, the big-capital developers' need to acquire and have enough space for the projects that need to come up in the near future, which have led to the to a threat to the existing old buildings and monuments. To handle and tackle such kind of situation, the government should not substitute them with modern building. There are a lot reasons why the government should keep the buildings preserved.

Firstly, each and every single old building has its own history that leaves us with...
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