Should Zoo Be Existed?

Topics: Aviary, Zoo, Saint Louis Zoological Park Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: October 21, 2010
For a long time, zoos which are original combinations of the nature and animals have played the important role in human life. Some people think zoos serve useful functions .However, others think it is cruel to confine animals in zoos. I think zoos are useful and necessary to be existed for our society for some reasons.

First, zoos are good places where you can relax after a whole week and learn new things for watching animal’s activities. Futher more, zoos have many beautiful sightseeing and lovely landscape. Therefore, you will enjoy every details which are made to be like a small jungle such as waterfalls, bushes…You will have a good time with family or friends in a vacation for discussing and guessing about what kinds of animals. I think you will love animals if you visit zoos often. In addition, many famous zoos, such as San Diego zoo, Saint Louis zoo and Prague zoo, are the best choice for having a good time on a day off.

Second, zoos also have functions for researching and studying. This is like a big biological lab which have many kinds of animals so students can study about them if they are interested in. You can observe animals’s habits easily when they are in their cells, which you can’t do the same in jungles. Moreover, zoos are good sources of knowledge for teachers to give students their assignments about researching animals.

Third, zoos have played a good role in improving environment. There are many trees which can reduce pollution and helps your health improve. Having a zoo in my city makes my city more beautiful and helps my people become healthy. Therefore, foreigners have a easy choice to visit for sightseeing and relaxing.

Zoos bring us a lot of advantages in many areas.Nowadays, countless zoos have been established all around the world. Therefore, we can conservate thousands kinds of animals and keep they from dangers, which is very meaningful to us.
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