Should You Ever Be Allowed to Kill Yourself?

Topics: Death, Suffering, Suicide Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Why should you not be allowed to make decisions about your own body? About yourself? We should respect when people want to die, when people have a disease that definitely won´t go away then we should allow these people to die. You are also not selfish, because everybody has to respect the one who wants to die. When the person doesn´t want to live anymore, doesn´t want to ask for help from others and doesn´t want to suffer anymore then you should allow an end to their misery. It´s your own body, so why should you not be allowed to decide what happens with your own body? Kelly Hockley (an Australian professional woman on human rights) said: “Euthanasia is in fact a good death”. I think that you should be allowed to decide about yourself, because if you want to die like that, you can of course, because you have to decide for it. It´s almost like brushing your teeth, smoking or riding too fast. Everybody recommends you to not ride too fast, but you can decide either you do it or not. It is and it will always be your decision! I do realise that you have to think about others, but when you´re very ill and you can´t do anything anymore then it probably will be better to die for you and for your relatives left behind. If you have an incurable painful illness or you´re in coma and you said before that if you should get into a coma you wanted to die, the doctors should allow you to die. The British Social Attitudes Survey researched the opinion of the British people in 1996. The results were that 86% found that people who were incurable, supporting on a life machine and never expected to wake up anymore should have the right to die and 80% found that people who have a very painful illness what never is going to go away also should have the right to die. This shows that many people think that we should have the right to decide when we die. Killing yourself is not selfish! Some people say: “Suicide is the most selfish thing you can do”, but that is not true. When someone...
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