Should Women Wear the Burqa in Public

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In world religion it plays a big part in people’s lives; some people do not believe in religion like other people. Some countries such as Saudi Arabia have strong beliefs in religions where the people believe in is Muslim. A lot of violence can be caused by religion such as September 11 2001 where members of Al Queda bombed the twin towers in America that had an effect as it was to do with religion. People who are Muslim study the Islam religion. The burqa is known by several different names such as Hijab, headscarf, Veil, niqab khimar, chador, or jilba. The question being asked is whether other Western states to follow the Belgian and French examples and ban the full Islamic body and face-covering veil—or more specifically, the burqa and the niqab? In other words, should the West ban any and all clothing which obliterates one's identity? Most Europeans, according to recent surveys, seem to think so; here is some evidence to discuss whether the burqa should or should not been banned from women wearing it in public. The four themes that are being discussed are why the burqa should not be worn in public for culture, legal, women’s right to choose and safety reasons. (Theme1) Cultural reasons

Some Muslim women wear the burqa for cultural reasons out in public. It is a cultural tradition as well as a requirement for some Muslim women to wear a Burqa out in public. For a lot of Muslim women, their cultural identity is extremely important. Yet since September 11 as well as ongoing trouble in the Middle East, a lot of non-Muslims in our society are judged wrongly as well as being discriminated against any person who is Muslim, especially females who wear burqas.

As an Arab woman raised in the West, I fully understand the importance of keeping to cultural traditions and religious beliefs, but I have also learned the importance of assimilation. It is understandable that immigrants seek to preserve the old, but they must also embrace the new. And if the new happens to conflict with their own beliefs, then they might as well remain in their original homelands where they might feel a better sense of belonging and acceptance. The burqa does not fit comfortably with Western sentiments. It’s closed; Westerners are open. They want to see people’s faces. judgments about cultural values are very subjective. Who decides if particular items of clothing fit with French values? Can we trust politicians and bureaucrats to make these decisions for us?

(Theme 2) Legal reasons
The legal reasons for women to wear a burqa out in public. (Own words)Women wearing burqa aren't committing crimes; others are. While it may be true that some criminals are exploiting the burqa in order to commit crimes while concealing their identity, the women that have legitimate reasons to wear the burqa are not actually the ones committing these crimes. It is unfair to, therefore, target these women with the burqa ban for crimes that they themselves are not committing.


July 13 2010 France's lower house of parliament, the National Assembly, approved a bill outlawing the wearing of "the burqa which intends to hide the face in public"; spaces as well as fining and putting offenders who wear the burqa in public in jail. For a woman who wears a burqa out in public, the fine is minimal; also they may require some classes to show the love of their country. If a man is caught and forces a female to wear a burqa, the outcome includes hefty fines as well as a prison sentence. woman wearing a burqa which conceals her entire face will be fined 150 euro and ordered to attend re-education classes, the report said. But men who force their women to wear the burqa will face stiffer measures still, up to two years' imprisonment, and 30 000 euro in fines. Sanctions will be stiffer if the girl is under-aged.

Women’s rights to choose
Whether women have the right to choose to wear of the burqa in public or not. A lot of females around the world would...
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