Should Women Participate in Politics

Topics: Gender role, Gender, Woman Pages: 2 (636 words) Published: November 3, 2012
Do you agree or disagree that women should participate in politics?

Opinion Essay

Whether the women should participate in politics or not is debatable. We see that at the turn of the 21st century, almost every country in the world provides the right for women to participate in politics. Women make up half of the population of every country in the world, they can vote and support candidates. But despite of these facts, they are not well represented in politics, in contrast to men. As Amon Karagara (2008) mentioned "The worldwide average percentage of women in national parliaments is only 16%". It is often said that women face more difficulties than men in politics. As well as politics shows the fact of predominance of men, it also includes some problems to women with health, the difficulty of creating a strong family and even life-threatening.

The first reason why women should not participate in politics is taking care of their health, because stress that they experience from taking part in politics supports a variety of diseases. It is true that women are tempted to crying. The Health Magazine agrees with this point, saying, “In women, the part of the brain that deals with stress is linked to the area that controls hormones, which is not the case in men. That means that women tend to exhibit more physical symptoms from stress than men”. Also women stand political pressures harder. Stress affects every bodily system or body part. So, participation in politics is actually bad for a women health.

Another reason related to difficulties of creation a family. We know that the most significant professions for women are wifehood and motherhood. If woman becomes a politician, she will have some difficulties with creating a good family. Every year politicians leave their children because of business trips. Some of them move their families with them to different places, but it is very hard for children to change atmosphere too often, and also it interferes with...
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