Should Women Fight in Combat?

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  • Published : January 29, 2013
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Should Women Fight in Combat?
The question lately has been if women should be allowed to fight alongside men in combat. I believe that they should. If not it is sexist, women can do just as fine as men, and the women should be able to defend the country they live in. Women generally make up about 14 percent of the armed services. Of the roughly 2.2 million troops who've served in Iraq and Afghanistan, more than 255,000 have been women, said Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen Lainez. Pentagon figures show that as of Jan. 3, 110 women had been killed in the war in Iraq compared with about 4,300 men. In the Afghan campaign, 24 women have been killed compared with more than 1,400 men.  French, German, Danish, and Canadian women are all now serving in their countries direct ground combat forces. Take Krista, for instance. In Somalia in 1993, during the time of the Black Hawk Down battle, she was a 21-year-old Army specialist, armed with an M16 and an aluminum baseball bat. She's five-foot-nine and comes from solid Slovak stock, 180 pounds of muscle. When male Soldiers questioned, "What's a girl doing here?" Krista would assume the bench press position and her friend Bob, who weighed 150 with his boots on, would go stiff and fall into her arms. Then Krista would bench press Bob. She'd keep on bench pressing him until the other Soldiers stopped laughing. Women definitely should be in the military. The people should not tell what gender can or cannot be in the military. I feel as if it is unfair, sexist, and un-constitutional to say otherwise.,15202,163773,00.html
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