Should Whaling Be Banned Completely

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Should whaling activities be banned completely?
Whales are the largest animals on earth. It has existed for over millions of years. They are also the largest mammals on the planet. Although they all look alike, there are many species of whales. Each time, they will only produce one offspring. According to Whale World, female whales only produce a baby whale each year, for they need to take care of the baby for the whole year (Whale World, n.d). They are gentle animals with graceful movements and live in peace, until humans started to hunt them for various reasons. Whaling is the job of hunting whales for commercial purpose where their body parts are transferred into business products (Oxford Learner’s Pocket Dictionary, 2008). Since the 16th century, whales are found and hunted in small numbers, but the situation soon changed as they are killed in large scale with the advancement of human technology, such as the grenade harpoon (Lytle, 2008). They are mostly killed for their body parts, but in some countries such as Denmark, whales are hunted just for the sole purpose to show that they have reached adulthood and thus, continued this tradition. (PETA, n.d). This has become one of the important traditions for the citizen of Denmark, and it is a very selfish reason to kill such magnificent animals. In the edge where whales might not have any hope for survival, activist came out to protect them, for their numbers were decreasing dramatically due to their limit of producing offspring each year. They worked hard so that whaling is banned in most countries and their hard work paid off. In 1986, a law between nations has been used to ban commercial whaling, which was great news for the activists (Walsh, 2010). However, they are still worried, for the number of whales is still decreasing. To make things worse, Japan, Norway and Iceland refused to ban whaling in their countries, and they had exploit the loop in the law to continue their slaughter, which is a cruel act to end the existence of whales (RSPCA, n.d). Although whaling activities may bring some benefits to certain countries, these activities should be stopped at all cost, as whales are innocent animals which humans bear the responsibility to protect them and ensure their continued existence on this mother earth.

Few decades ago, laws were made to stop whaling, which was the moratorium back in 1986 (Walsh, 2010). However, there was an unnoticed loop in the law. It stated that whales could be hunted for the purpose of scientific research, and the whales can be processed for meat after research is done (Lin, 2011). Japan, along with Norway and Iceland jumped into the first chance they have and started to mobilize whaling fleets to areas where the whales are most active in. Activists have since protest against the act of exploitation of these countries, for it was obvious that whales were being killed for their body parts. Oil of whales, also known as blubber, can be used to make grease. These grease are used as lubricant for motors. The blubber was also processed into candles, soap, lamp oil and such (Triefelddt, 2007). Whales’ meat was made as a main course in restaurants as well as household uses, especially in Japan, where cooking class was opened in school to teach whale meat cooking (Morikawa, 2009). Most consumers of whales’ meat believed that the meat contains high level of nutrients where the meat was in fact harming their health as the meat has high level of mercury instead of nutrients (McCury, 2008). According to scientific research, too much mercury in our body may cause infertility (Lite, 2008). Once the meat and oil are scraped off, the bones and teeth of whales will be processed to make souvenirs for tourists (Asleson, 2011). These evidences proved that countries hunting whales are for economic reasons instead of scientific reason.

In addition, during the hunting of whales, these beautiful creatures were given cruel treatment. Once the whaling fleet...
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