Should We Use Foreign Teachers in Elementary School in Taiwan

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Should We use Foreign Teachers in Elementary School in Taiwan

In Taiwan, the Ministry of Education announced it would employ foreigners as elementary school teachers. It is a big dispute. What about the pressure on the pupil? Or they can learn English more easily. However, I support to recruit Chinese English teachers, because they have significant advantages than over foreign teachers. First, foreigners are native English speakers. The student can learn correct pronunciation by foreign teachers. Second, the foreigner lived in his country long time, they could introduce proper Western culture to the students. Third, the students have opportunity talk with native speakers, and help students reduce their fear of speaking English to foreigners. They can able to efficiently learn English. However, foreign teachers have many limitations. First, even though native English speakers are fluent in English, they do not possess knowledge of the complex of English grammar. Second, the students are so young. They do not have enough comprehension to cause them to be uncertain of the meaning of the sentence. But foreign teachers can not explain in Chinese. Last, the expense of hiring foreign teachers is an issue. And the purpose of most of the native English speakers hired is to make a lot of money in a short time.

The Chinese English teacher does has not have these limitations, because the big advantage is that they are bilingual. Being able to communicate with students, the teacher can handle the class alone and switch languages to meet the needs of teaching and communication. Chinese English teachers still do as well in the job if they have good general English proficiency and adequate knowledge of English teaching through professional training. Finally, English is not our first language, so the teacher teaches English grammar more carefully. They can understand where a grammar problem is with students and possess a...
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