Should We Treat Pets as Our Family Member

Topics: Pollution, Psychology, Pet Pages: 2 (554 words) Published: March 17, 2013
should we treat pets as our family member

Since human-beings become the ruler of earth, animals find theirselves hard to share the world with people. Some species are extinct because of massive human activities such as hunting, industrial pollution, air pollution and so on. Others find their way living with people by acting like our pets. Although the argument has been made that energy spent on pets could better be directed to other works that bring revenue to people, I believe that we should treat pets as our family members. First of all, pets accompany us when we feel lonely, depressed, unhappy, sad and so on. We shower the anger on pets that might be otained from workplace and receive love and companionship in return. Let’s assume that you are an employee of a company. One day, you are extremely unhappy about the company you are working for but you have a hard time to integrate into any social group, so you might keep the unpleasant feeling in your mind. In such a situation, you have to release your anger through some sorts of vent. In this case, pet such as kitten will be a good object for you to shout at. You can scorn, abuse, and even pretend to strike your kitten. By reducing your anger, you can save your energy to start another day at your workplace. Secondly, in a real sense, pets can provide you with safety. For example, when you live alone in a villa and because of your personal hobby, you don’t like anybody to disturb you while you are working so you decide not to hire any servants. With such a big place, you need to insure your personal safety in some way and pet such as dog is an fine solution to your problem. Some animals such as dog knows loyalty because of its naturally animal inborn behavior which it follows the directions of its leader. When human serves as the role of leader, dog will do whatever huamn asks them to do including the mission to protect people’s private property. However, many articles have appeared in popular press...
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