Should We Treat Pet Dogs as Members of Our Family

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Should We Treat Pet Dogs as Members of Our Family

When I was still a young boy, I used to wrestle with Charlie; Mom used to cook special dinners for Charlie; Dad even built a wooden house for Charlie. Perhaps now you are wondering about who this Charlie “person” could be to be so revered and well treated in my family. In fact, Charlie was a dog – a golden retriever. We treated it as a family member, and what’s more, I think not only just dogs, but also all kinds of pets should be treated as family members.

Dogs are just like people, for they share feelings and emotions with us. When I was sad, Charlie usuallly had this sad looking expression as if he had done something wrong; when I was happy, I could always see Charlie squinting his eyes with a big smile hanging on his face. He helped me through so many difficulties by being by my side, like a loyal friend. He was of great importance to me and I took it for granted that he was treated as a family member.

Moreover, the presence of a pet dog in the house makes people feel welcomed and safe. Every time I came home after school, I could always expect Charlie waiting at the porch. By the time I opened the door, he would always give me a “bear hug” with its tales wagging like a whip. That impressed me by making me feel that there was no where else on earth warmer than home, especially with Charlie waiting for me. Moreover, Charlie would bark if anyone not “family” dared to get close to our front door. His hearing worked much better than our sights, so we can always sleep tight at night.

Dogs are the loyalest friends that people could ever want. To me, it is one natural thing to consider them as family members. To others, it’s nothing difficult just to embrace them as family members since they have given us so much in love.
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