Should We Take Animal with Us If We Have to Move to Another Planet?

Topics: Sense, Earth, Chicken Pages: 2 (472 words) Published: January 19, 2013
Nowadays, there are so many rumors that the end of the world is coming very closely. Therefore, many organization and company do the research to find out the possibilities that the explode of the world is happening. Also they do the research for another planet that planning to move population to when it’s come to end of the world. Now people are find out what to bring along to another planet such as stuffs, food , facilities and etc. One of the most important things that we should bring along is Animal. So we would like to explain and give the reason to support the reasons why we should take animal with us. There are many reasons that we should take animal with us to another planet

From the article above, Chicken is one of the best choice for animal because not only their meat that we could eat but we can also get their eggs day by day too. And Chicken are small that makes it easy for us to take care of them. Their food are very easy to find, they usually eat grains. But to bring the chickens to another planet does have the disadvantage point which is Chicken are too small comparing to number of population that could survive.

The another option of animal is Elephant! Elephant one of the most powerful and strongest animal that they can be use for delivery stuff and carry our things. Also they can be the transportation for both long and short destination.

Dog is also one of our choices because apart from the fact that dog is human’s best friend , with them be can be relaxing and they can also protect us at night or when we are asleep by their strong sense. Furthermore, with their strong senses dog are able to use their nose to find the river or waterfall

Even though we see many advantages from taking animal to another planet but there are many disadvantages from taking them along with us. To start with, animal can make our life more difficult. We will have to take care of them as well as we have to take a good care of ourselves. Another reasons is to move...
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