Should We Spend Time in the Sun

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  • Published : October 22, 2008
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We must spend time in the sun-shine. Some time in the sun is healthy for us. Our body makes its own Vitamin D when we get out in the sun. It also makes Melatonin, which helps us sleep at night. As we age, our bodies make less Melatonin, but taking a walk in the sunlight can help to replete the supply and help an older person sleep better at night. Sunlight also helps in preventing and treating depression. People in cloudier climates have higher rates of depression than those in sunnier environments.

Sunburns and tans are natural ways of monitoring how much sun exposure is too much. While sunscreen can help prevent sunburns, it also encourages us to stay out in the sun longer than we should by keeping us from seeing the warning signs of over exposure. Consequently, even with the higher use of sunscreen, doctors are not seeing a huge drop in skin cancers as one would expect. Better protection for exposure is wearing a hat or covering up with clothing.

The sunlight has become one of the most necessary parts of our life, but not all of us have a good knowledge of this light. We all know that sunlight in the early morning is really healthful; it helps our body to synthesize vitamin D. However, you need to have a comprehensive knowledge of "fire ball" light to take it effectively. Here is a list of sunlight effects and its harms. 5 advantages of sunlight that affect to our health.

1. Prevent from inflammation of bones: In the early morning, we should exposure to the sun for 15 minutes, three times daily to absorb enough an adequate necessary amount of ultraviolet rays for producing vitamin D. This kind of vitamin D is really essential to development of bones, to increase absorbing Calcium of body. 2. Lift the spirit: The sunbeam affects on stimulating producing insulin, a hormone that transforms glucose into energy, helps us feeling better, and reduces stressful conditions. 3. Destroy many kinds of germs: We may say that sunbeam is considered as a...
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