Should We Restrict Immigration in the U.S.?

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  • Published : December 6, 2010
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Should we restrict immigration in the U.S.? , the answer to that is quite simple, no. the real question is; is it necessary to restrict immigration in the U.S.? That answer is also quite simple, no. immigration has been a big topic since the early 1900’s once the immigrants really started coming over to the U.S. Ever since then people have been trying to restrict the flow of immigrants coming into this country. Evidence from the article states and shows that “we were and still are a nation of immigrants”, so what makes the difference now? It was once and still is a land where people in search of a better life come to find one. Immigrants are a very powerful benefit to the economy and very little evidence shows that they are negative, in which shows us that immigrants are helping the nation become a better place while also helping build a stronger economy. Evidence from the article shows that in the 1980’s alone, about 8.7 million people poured into the U.S., matching the great immigration decade of 1900-10. The United States traditional role was as a haven for the immigrants, why change now? Especially when the immigrant’s links to their old countries are boosting U.S. exports to such fast growing regions like Asia and Latin America. Immigrant’s effects on the U.S. are the positive that overcomes the negative. Many immigrant communities are cities whose strength was restored due to the fact that without the immigrants cities and neighborhoods would be suffering because of the shrinking tax base. Evidence shows people that even immigrants with less education are contributing to the economy as workers, consumers, and taxpayers. The immigrants have turned around many neighborhoods that were ready to fall into ruin. Even the ones that was ready to waste away, and decrease from a state of normality and prosperity. The immigrants also bring a global perspective and international contacts to insular American businesses. If the immigrants were on Americas land for...
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