Should We Rely on Experts

Topics: Critical thinking, Expert, Decision making Pages: 1 (335 words) Published: May 8, 2012
"We believe that experts are more able to process information than we can and they are able to come to better conclusions than we could come to on our own." But is it so? I will be going over the two different opinions: Should we rely on experts to help us make decisions or not? Some people believe that we must rely on the experts, primarily because due to their authoritative opinion, we spend less time dealing with the problem. It is also convenient because the conscience of the decision lies not on us, but on the experts, and in case of an error, we can refer to it. Third, it helps us to gain confidence as well as experts clearly say what we need and what not. For example, when writing a term paper, we can ask for help from the head (as in this case, he is an expert for us). His authoritative opinion will help us make a decision and do the job in more correctly. But some people, like Noreena Hertz & Krisztián Pintér, are blaming experts, as they believe that people «shouldn't blindly believe what experts say». I think they mean that the experts - the same people, and may be mistaken. In her monologue, Noreena noted that according to the results of research, only 4 out of 10 doctors put the correct diagnosis. In addition, expert opinion may be subjective; in certain situations, they can advise you the wrong option because it will benefit them; their methods may be ineffective. People should include their brains and try to make their own decisions. Even if the expert is really good, he may not be near in difficult time. In conclusion, I note that I am agreeing with those who said that you should not blindly rely on expert opinion. Of course, we should not forget about them: we can listen experts, and then ask questions, which are not clear to us, also think, also get information from different sources.
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