Should We Put Animals Into the Zoos?

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  • Published : July 14, 2011
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Should we put animals into the zoos?
It is generally believed that animals shouldn’t be kept into the zoos. Only in this essay, the definition of the zoo is purchasing and restricting the animals for the financial uses and researches. There are three reasons approved to this opinion, which includes decreasing the initial wild characters, increasing the danger of injuries and increasing the fare in many ways.

Firstly, zoos cannot replicate wild animals’ habitats. In the other way, zoo could decrease the wild specification from the natural animals. They might never obtain the wildness again as there is no opportunities for them to hunt food or evacuate from the dangerous areas. What the visitors and scientists need is researching the animals initial activities. However, the zoos could not provide the natural environment for the animals. They just restrain the animals’ freedom and treated them as consumption for the tourists. It is never satisfying for neither scientists nor visitors because they do not wish treating animals into pets. If the zoos are constructed close to the normal nature, it is much further away from the city so that it is quite inconvenient for the tourists and scientists. Thus, keeping animals into the zoos is inappropriate.

Secondly, keeping animals into the zoos may increase the risk of injuries as a reason that the wild animals have strong wild characteristics. It is quite frequent to hear about the news that the tiger or lions in the zoos killed or hurt visitors. There is a statistics coming from a formal governmental website ( discovered that there are 337 cases which the animals hurt tourists, not mentioned the death come from the zoos. Not only do the animals injure people, but also the animals injure themselves. In the process of the transportation, the animals are very passionate and hurt themselves by knocking to the cages. Also it is unimaginable if the tigers or other animals...
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