Should We Have Exams

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Should we have exams?

Exams are taken all around the world. They are taken in high schools, universities and colleges. Exams are also mandatory. Some students think that taking an exam is not fair or useful. I think that exams should be taken because, exams help students with their studies further, and they review what the student has learned one last time, in case they forgot anything. Also exams and tests show how much students have paid attention in their classes.

  Firstly Exams help students in the future because everything they have learned in high school, university or college they might need to use it in their careers and writing exams will help you review it and keep it in your mind. Exams also will help students learn better and understand things for their careers. If there was no exams to write than it would be hard to have a good career in the future. It would also be difficult for people to hire or go to someone who has not been tested to do a career that is very important. For example, becoming a doctor. Many people would want someone who is highly educated and has done many tests and exams to see if they are capable of becoming a doctor.

  Secondly In my opinion if there were no exams to write than students would forget what they have learned during the year. Writing exams helps students understand and keep what they have learned in their minds for a long time. Exams also helps them memorize and prepare themselves for the future, as well as remembering what Is the most important. If students would not write exams than it would be hard for them to really know what they have learned even as a personal reference. They would just forget everything.

  Lastly if exams were not taken place in schools and universities than it would not be fair for some students who have tried hard all year long. Many students would have not concentrated in their studies knowing that they would not be tested on it or graded. This will be very unfair to the kids...
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