Should We Go Beyond the Law. Ethics

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  • Published : February 25, 2012
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Should We Go Beyond the Law?
How would you describe Chem-Tech, Inc. according to the Continuum of Social Responsibility Strategies, and why? Chem-Tech, Inc., is an Industry leading chemical company. According to our audit, taking into consideration the Continuum of Social Responsibility Strategies, we were able to determine Chem-Tech, Inc’s social responsibility strategy. Social Responsibility shows how a business goes about making money and it’s consideration for society’s well-being as well as consumer satisfaction. The Continuum shows the different levels of how a company values profit. There are four strategies under the Continuum of Social Responsibility which are: •Obstructionist Strategy: avoids social responsibility and reflects mainly on economic priorities •Defensive Strategy: seeks to protect the organization by doing the minimum legally required to satisfy social expectations •Accommodative Strategy: accepts social responsibilities by doing the minimum ethically required to satisfy social expectations •Proactive Strategy: meets all criteria of social responsibility including discretionary performance We’ve determined that Chem-Tech, Inc. falls under the Defensive Strategy because they are legally not doing anything wrong and they are meeting the government standard. They are not concerned with the potential damage caused by waste being dumped into the river and are only focused on saving and making money. (p.3, L 7-9) Chem-Tech, Inc., located near the beautiful Dutch Valley River (p. 1) is an Industry leading company who is currently experiencing an economic downturn. After several quarters of dismal financial performance, they have developed a new product that the company sees as a turning point in their financial turmoil (p.2). Whereas another, more socially conscious company might feel an ethical obligation to refrain from dumping potentially hazardous waste into rivers, threatening the lives if it’s inhabitants and surrounding plant...
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