Should We Go Beyond the Law

Topics: Waste, Profit, Waste management Pages: 4 (1165 words) Published: March 19, 2013
Nathan Rosillo
* A key product developer at Chem-Tech Corporation
* He and his team developed a new lubricant product that can produce the new product at a significant cost savings due to recent changes in environmental regulations. * Spent his entire life in the community where Chem-Tech plant is also located. He has sentimental attachment to the Dutch Valley River that he used to enjoy when he was young. * Has a chance of losing his job in the Company due to his opposition on the idea of directly dumping the Company’s waste into the river * He’s planning to talk to the vice president regarding his predicaments Chem-Tech Corporation

* A leader in the industry where it belongs
* Has experienced several quarters of dismal financial performance * Due to changes in government regulations, it can now directly dump wastes into the Dutch Valley River nearby Martin Feldman

* Plant manager of Chem-Tech Corporation
* Direct superior of Nathan Rosillo
* Supportive of the idea that the Company’s waste be dump directly to the River. For him, this is their chance to gaining profits. * Has accused Nathan Rosillo of not being a team player.
Chem-Tech Corporation is experiencing downturns on its financial performance. Despite being the leader in the industry, recently it has experienced the challenge of making profit and staying in the business. KEY OBJECTIVE

The objective of the case is find for ways for the Chem-Tech Corporation to make profit and stay in the business. A plan has to be formulated to improve the financial status of the Company and save it from the financial downturns it has experienced. DIAGNOSIS AND ANALYSIS OF CAUSES

Issues on Economic Responsibility
Chem-Tech Corporation is above all a business entity. Its basic responsibility is to produce the commodity that can maximize the company’s profits. Considering that Chem-Tech...
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