Should We Be Paid for Grades or Not - a Literary Analysis

Topics: High school, Academia, College Pages: 3 (1068 words) Published: February 11, 2013
Jessica Omorogbe
Persuasive Final Paper
Mrs. Spruill [1st Block]
May 14, 2012

Grades: Should we be paid or not?
Think of a society where you could make over eight-hundred dollars before you graduate from high school, but what have you done to achieve it? The only thing you have done to achieve it, is to make good grades, but isn’t it expected to make good grades in the first place? Now, think of this: A society where you no longer felt the pride of working hard towards a scholarship or receiving that huge grant for college. Now which feels better: feeling achieved or being paid to achieve? Students shouldn’t be paid as encouragement to make good grades during their school career because it will hinder them in the future and not show their true academic capability.

To pay students to make good grades in school will hinder any type of funds towards a student’s future. If the school system uses payment as an encouragement for students to make good grades, then it will extinguish the purpose of grants and scholarships that students work hard for to enter the college of their choice. Without scholarships and grants, many students find it hard to pay their school fees or even get into the school of their choice in the first place. Scholarships and grants toward college diminish the huge amount of fees that students have once they are out of school. Many students work hard to have good GPA’s in order to obtain these scholarships. If the school system starts paying students for good grades, they will not have a sufficient amount of money left to support these scholarships. This will not only lessen the amount of money for grants and scholarships or get rid of them as a whole, but also cause the GPA’s requirements to rise as well.

The government would be damaging their funding for school by paying students money for grades each year for a variety of schools. The government gives a great deal of money to schools each year although it may be at the lower end of...
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