Should Violent Video Games Be Banned in the Us.

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  • Published : December 13, 2012
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Most of people like to play video game, but have you heard that our state senators and governor try to pass a law that stop selling violent video game? Actually, government takes this action because violent video game can effect on children. Therefore, my topic is violent video game should not be banned. First of all, many video games have their rating system which provided by ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board). It offers the fair information about the content of video games. At the website of ESRB, it shows many descriptions of rating symbols, such as EC, E, E10+, T, M, and AO. This website strongly recommends parents follow these symbols and information to buy video games for their kids. Consequently, a lot of violent video game only sells for adult, not for children. If people who are under 18 to buy the violent video game, the retailer will refuse to sell this kind of game to children. Also, most of the retailer will check people’s ID if they buy violent video games. Second, video games not only contain the violent content, but also a lot of media contain violent content. Some people may say violent video game will effect on children’s behavior. It is not true. There are so many media contain violent content. Although many children are curious, they like to imitate and learn the behavior and language from media. For example, I believe that many children like spider man in the movie. Children may think spider man is a super hero. When he fights with enemy with his power, many of punch and kick action will be shown in the movie. Sometimes these content contain a lot of blood and some violent action. What do people think about these violent contents for children? Will they imitate? Someone may say these content are not real. Similarity, content in violence video games is not real too, they are entertainments, just like a movie. Therefore, if government tries to ban the violent video games, I suggest that government also ban the media that contain...
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