Should Violent Media Be Censored?

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  • Published : November 26, 2010
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Today, there is much argument that is raised upon weather or not violent media should be censored and if so, to what extent it should be censored. Each individual have their own opinion on censorship of violent Medias. Especially, some religious groups opposed to violent actions say it works in decreasing violent behaviors. However, before answering such question it’s also important to consider if it really influence how people behave since that would be the main reason to censor it.

According to John.B.Watson’s experiment on little Albert, it was found that the human mind can be thought to do almost anything up to certain age. He experimented that Humans are not exactly who they are because of nature but because of the environment they grow up in and the people they surround themselves with. With this in mind, it is easy to consider that people who watch more violent related Medias are likely to do criminal acts later in life than those who don’t. Then again, it is also safe to say almost no kid who watches road runner or Tom and Jerry at early age turn out to be a criminal because of those movies. So, if that is the case then what kind of violent related Medias lead to criminal acts?

Most studies show that the more real-life based and reasonable the violence media is the greater chance it has of affecting human behavior. In real life violence, the outcome is always suspense; while in fictional violence, the outcome is excepted and happy ending. Example of these would be Kill Bill and Rodney King; in which Rodney King was the one that caused lots of violence and attention since it was a real-life crime

Therefore, violent Medias should be censored to medium extent. Medias with very unrealistic and out of nature violence acts shouldn’t be censored at all since they barely have chance to affect behavior; while, real-life crimes like the Rodney king should be censored to some extent since they can affect behavior. Nevertheless, real-life comedy related...
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