Should Turkey Become the Eu Member

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Should Turkey become the EU member?
Modern Turkey is located in the territory of central part of former East-Roman empire which sufficiently influenced on formation of European civilization. Nowadays, there are many historical monuments reminding about Greek-Roman colonies and Christian traditions in Turkey. Since the beginning of XX century, Turkey was striving for adoption of the European model of development in all spheres of social life. All of this could be considered as essential criteria for Turkey's accession to the European Union. Nevertheless, different processes in Turkish community illustrate lack of transparency and fair attitude towards traditional, religious, and ethical minorities. Relying on these facts , I believe that Turkey is not ready for EU membership.

The main argument about Turkey's admission to the European Union is the difference in religion. All countries of the EU are Christian and Turkey is the Muslim country. It is impossible to ignore the fact, that immigrants from the countries of Islam traditions and indigenous Europeans do not get along in European Union. Almost every state of the European Union faces the problems of social, political and cultural integration of national minorities contained of immigrants of Islamic traditions, including Turkish citizens. Real life shows that financial prosperity of immigrants does not solve the problem of their cultural adaptation and sometimes leads to the increase of their ethically religious originality. For example, bombing the London's metros by Islamic terrorists in 2005 got people scared of Muslims. After that accident, some people had opinions that all Muslims were terrorists by misunderstanding the real Islamic traditions.

The third argument against becoming Turkey an EU member is the population. Nowadays, the population of Turkey is 70 million of people which is the second most populated country in European Union, after Germany with the population of 82 million people. It...
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