Should Turkey Be Part of the Eu

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'Explain the arguments (3 for each) for and against allowing Turkey to join the EU'. In your answer you should include an overall assessment of your views on the matter and explain the the reasons for your views.

(+)Turkey is indeed a European country with a geographical point of view (as well as Cyprus and Malta, which are Member States of the EU), which will give the Union more advantages. Its adherence will provide certain demographic help for sure, with its young population welcome in an aging Europe 30% of Turks that are less than 15 years. In addition, European states have promised since the 60s that Turkey would be right to be a member of EuropeThe Ankara Agreement (Association Agreement between Turkey and the European Economic Community) sought to integrate Turkey into a Customs Union with the Community while recognizing that the goal is accessing the EU. However, the first criticism is that Turkey is not in Europe but in the Middle East. Geographically, part of Turkey is on the European continent with its metropolitan Istanbul ancient Constantinople. Historically, the Ottoman Empire (old Turkey) dominated the Balkans to the gates of Vienna. Without forgetting before the Ottoman Empire, its territory was part of the Eastern Roman Empire dominated by the Greeks. If it was always a Greek empire, would we still categorically to say that the country is not in Europe? We have already cited the example of Cyprus that was built as it was Greek. While the greater part of Turkey is in the Middle East, strategically speaking, it is an asset rather than a disadvantage. The Middle East is characterized by political instability and high oil wealth. This political instability, we are affected even without the inclusion of Turkey. Southern Europe is within range of Iranian missiles long range. Fluctuations in oil prices affects our economy. However, Turkey can give us direct access to the Middle East, a fixed base permanently to facilitate military intervention if we had the need and would strengthen our political presence. During the Iraq war, the U.S. wanted to use Turkey to open a new front in Iraq. Turkey did not allow U.S. ground forces to operate from its territory if it is in Europe. The U.S. is obligated to maintain military bases in Qatar and Bahrain in order to intervene in the Middle East with the costs and problems involved. Finally, Turkey's accession would send a positive message to the Muslims as 20 million live in Europe.

(+)Turkey also brings various benefits to the EU economy. Istanbul is the main industrial hub of the Mediterranean basin and the country has a high growth potential. It was recorded in 2004 an increase in GDP of 9.9%, after 5.9% in 2003 and 7.8% in 2002. The Governor of the Central Bank of Turkey, says that the Maastricht criteria are now almost achieved. The reforms initiated by the government work well: through better budgetary discipline, the deficit gradually decreases and the independence of the Central Bank obtained in 2001 gives more credibility to monetary policy. The employment rate also exceeds that of most of the new Member States of the EU. Business is going well and attract foreign investors, including French (more than 300 French companies are operating in Turkey in 20 years). According to testimony, the country has what it takes to become a great industrial power, with a competent workforce at all levels. The challenges today are to maintain price stability in order to achieve sustainable growth and continue structural reforms without fail. For some professionals Turkey, companies will also catch up on their European innovation and adopt best application policy patents. Do not forget that the Copenhagen conference told " The Union's capacity to absorb new members, while maintaining the enthusiasm of European integration, is also an important consideration in the general interest of both the Union and the candidate countries." For the EU, Turkey's membership has tangible...
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