Should Tuition Fees Be Raised

Topics: House of Lords, Tuition, United Kingdom Pages: 2 (679 words) Published: February 25, 2011
Should the tuition fees be raised ?
After high school, most people will attend further education this being either a university or a collage. In England there has been talk that the tuition fees will raise to nine thousand a year for the average student. Throughout this essay I will be discussing wheather or not it is a good decision for government to do this, and the effects that it will have.On the future.

Tuition fees are introduced all over the world, in coutries like (USA, South Africa, Japan, China) the raising of the tuiton fees is bad. The Hepi(higher education policy institute) have calculated that with the current earnings for a student to save for the average student is unlickley and when they have left univercity they will have no savings. This is not good as the students might have to find a job with in the field that is using the qualification that they got at univercity or collage . Increasing the tuition fees also means that the assumed government savings will be wipped out, if a graduates earnings is increase by 3.75%.

As a result of the tuition fees getting raised this means that it will create unfair treatment to the younger generation, that also want a education. Also having the loans are intatially advertising and telling the younger generation that if they want something then they will need to get/take out a loan. Many young people might not want to get themselves in to debt. As if there is another resestion and the jobs that are scarce will influence the decision that the young people in what there decision is furing univercity.

As yet house of lords and the house of commons feel that having the tuition fees go up is a good. They feel that it will help the economy of England. After the vote took place in the house of commons there was a vote in the house of lords where they back the higher tution fees. The house of lords feel that brining the tuition fees raise will also create stubility with in Enland

After the tuition fees...
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