Should Tobacco Companies Be to Blame?

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  • Published : February 19, 2007
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Should Tobacco Companies Be Responsible for Smoking Related Illnesses?

Should Tobacco Companies Be Responsible for Smoking Related Illnesses? Tobacco companies should not be held liable for the consequences of smoking related illness or death because as people we have a choice whether or not to smoke. The tobacco companies aren't responsible for why people smoke or the side effects of smoking, they are simply a corporation that sells a product, people choose to buy that product and if the companies didn't sell tobacco people would still find other means to buy tobacco if they choose to. People know the risk of smoking and still choose to do so, knowing the harmful effects.

Tobacco is a plant which is grown in America and is as common as apple pie. The active chemical in tobacco is nicotine which is a very addictive chemical. Tobacco is known to cause lung disease, cancer, emphysema, and other chronic illnesses. Tobacco is also one of the leading causes of death in the United States. These are all well-known consequences of smoking and known to the general public, the only way that these illnesses could happen is if you pick up the cigarette and decide to smoke. In America the legalized age to purchase tobacco products is eighteen, but that doesn't keep underage kids from purchasing and smoking cigarettes as well.

Tobacco products can be purchased in any local liquor store, almost anywhere in the world. Advertisements for tobacco products can be found in magazines, billboards, store windows but what they don't tell you is the side effects which include: Back pain, erectile deficiency, asthma, common cold and countless other symptoms. Tobacco alone sells itself due to the fact that it is very relaxing to someone stressed out easily and the tobacco company is just giving people what they want.

Tobacco is not only harmful to the smoker; it is also harmful to anyone around who inhales the smoke which is also known as second hand smoke. My personal...
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