Should This Student Have Been Expelled?

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  • Published : October 9, 2012
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Gina Moreno
October 2, 2012
English composition I

Nat Hentoff, the author of “Should This Student Have Been Expelled” argues that no matter how offensive words go, that everyone has a right to say whatever as far as freedom of speech goes. In this article Nat Hentoff supports his claim along with the decision making by Gregorian, president of Brown University, whether not to or to expel Hann for his inappropriate language being held towards others at the University. Hann’s words that included “Niggers, Fucking Jew, and Faggot” have offended some of the students that felt the use of crucial racism being held. As some fight to set limits to our freedom of speech, while others fight to defend it, Nat Hentoff is one to defend it, because he believes that we do have the freedom to speak. Reading this article, I found that Nat Hentoff made his point very well, because he was definitely right about freedom of speech, but supporting this opinion, it is important to notice the facts given, but also along with the rights given. Should he have been expelled even when there was not any action being held? The arguments against and for the expulsion of Hann remain to be a controversial decision prior in the argument. Even though Hann was a varsity football player at Brown University also concentrating on organizational behavior and management and business economics, he was under a decision making for being expelled for his crucial racism and foul language being held toward other students. In the “Offense III [of the Brown Code]-which deals with harassment-prohibits inappropriate, abusive, threatening, or demeaning ACTIONS based on race, religion, gender, handicap, ethnicity, national origin, or sexual orientation” does not mention anything speech wise, but only action wise.  Although the advocates and the supporters of Doug Hann explain that there was violating remarks that were rude and inappropriate to which the students found it offensive, there was not action being...
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