Should There Be a Compulsory Retirement Age?

Topics: Retirement, Aging, Mandatory retirement Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: April 29, 2013
Nowadays, the retirement age has been a burning issue of most nations in the world. In some countries, workers are forced to retire at the age of 55 or 60 while in others, this figure could be 65 to 70. Several debates were contributed to propound whether or not should there be a compulsory retirement age. In my opinion, it is necessary to impose a legal resolution that employees are entitled to retire when they reach a particular age. Firstly, under the pressure of the knowledge economy, the requirement of continuous innovation and creativity demands employees for certain competences such as self-motivation or flexibility which cannot be found in the middle-aged workers. This deficiency slows down the pace of working process. Hence, the retirement of the old employees is necessary for employment opportunities of younger people which helps to reduce youth unemployment and offer advantageous conditions for young people to perform their talent. Secondly, the physical and mental impact on aged employees' health cause some constraints on their performance, they get tired and exhausted earlier than the young. This also has bad effects on the rate of the assigned task they are working on. Moreover, old people should be rewarded by society for their devotion in several decades by being given generous pensions and the freedom so that they have time to fulfill important plans in their life as well as generating more scope for young employees. In conclusion, the retirement age can vary from countries to countries but the importance of the establishment of mandatory retirement age could not be denied. The government should have appropriate policies to reward employees when they reach the age to retire.
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