Should There Be School Uniforms or Not?

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  • Published : January 3, 2013
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School uniforms
Statistics show that schools, who have adopted uniforms, have seen a drop in all around problems at the school. “A small study by Kelly DeLong (Ohio State University thesis, 1998) linked uniforms to improved student outcomes. She found 'there was a significant difference in reading, mathematics, and citizenship tests between the school with the uniforms and the school without the uniforms.'" It has been proven that schools with uniforms have seen a rise in grades with students. With their minds set more on what's going on in class other than worrying about what everyone looks like, is causing them to pay more attention and take in more information. In addition to the rising in grades, there has been a major rise with my opinion I think we should have uniforms because of these three reasons. Firstly because kids and children would take less time in the morning to choose, what they want to wear, have perfect colors, and make sure that they match but if they had school uniforms then they would take less time to get dressed. So now they will have time to have a nice healthy breakfast before they go to school. Secondly because it might stop some violence in the hall wall or anywhere it is happening. It might stop violence by well for instance if some kids comes up to you and they make fun of what you are wearing is not nice but if they wear wearing a school uniforms and they came up to you and said “you are wearing the ugliest thing I have ever seen” well they are wearing the same thing so what are they doing to their self really they are making fun of what they are wearing too because they are wearing the same thing. So if schools had school uniforms then there would be a little less bulling in schools. Lastly because it would be safer too because when the students and teachers go on a fieldtrip and a student gets lost it would be very easy to identify them but if there weren’t any school uniforms then it would be very hard to identify...
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