Should There Be Laws to Limit the Paparazzi

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Jonathan Cullari
February 28th 2013
Essay two
Should there be Laws to Limit the Paparazzi
Throughout the years celebrities have experienced the harsh ridicule from invasive paparazzi and media. These camera men and women snap pictures and videos of celebrities in their worst moments. What the media doesn’t tell people is that this does not only invade one’s privacy, but also can deal with one’s mental and physical health; pictures can be deceptive and tell lies. After a long day on the set as actor or whatever the case may be, most celebrities and even common people need time to themselves to wind down and relax. One of the biggest issues with laws concerning paparazzi is that every person should have the right to their own private life. Publicly displaying a family’s issues can hurt the family and cause difficulties that go beyond the paparazzi saying a person’s outfit for the day is ugly. It crushes their self-esteem and most of the paraphernalia may not be true. During a study done at the 2012 Golden Global Awards, winners revealed that of the celebrities that had been married, the average number of marriages was 1.4, while the average number of divorces was 0.65. The probability of a celebrity marriage surviving is only 35 percent; the odds are 1.9 to 1 against the marriage. (CITE) An individual’s mental health is just as important as an individual’s physical health. The paparazzi’s ruthless acts can really hurt one’s image, which can also cause the figure to become mentally distraught and physically hurt themselves. Being in the spot light all the time through the media is a lot of pressure for children and adult celebrities. So much pressure that it can cause psychological issues. A great example of this can be shown through the actor Lindsay Lohan. Growing up as a child Lindsay shined as a star in many popular movies and a fashion model at age three. As she continued to grow as an actor and person more pressure was brought into Lindsey’s life. Lindsay...
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