Should the U.S. Increase Spending on the Space Program

Topics: NASA, Space exploration, United States Pages: 4 (1195 words) Published: March 27, 2013
Should the U.S. Government Increase Spending
On The Space Program

A group of children lie in the tall grass on a moonless night, staring in wonder up at the hundreds of diamond pinpoints glittering across the heavens. This peaceful scene could have taken place at any point in history, from the cave dwelling Neanderthal, to a family celebrating a warm summer evening together at a local park. The Heavens have always been a source of passionate fascination and wonderment for intelligent beings. Nearly every culture throughout known time has had legends about the heavens or the stars. In fact, to many cultures, Greek and Roman for example, the night skies were so magical that the heavens were the focal point of their creation myths. In more recent times, we have begun to be less superstitious about the star studded expanse above us, astrology aside, and begun to apply scientific fact and mathematical certainties to that very mysterious beyond. We began to have the technological advancements that would make it possible to actually begin decoding the mysteries of, and then amazingly, foraying into that last frontier which culminated in the U.S. being the only country to have ever put a man on the moon. So why did it essentially end there?

Think about this, every time you use your smart phone, you are holding in the palm of your hand more technology than was used to navigate the first moon landing. Yet, despite our marked leaps forward in the applied sciences in the last fifteen years, which have the potential to make frequent, smaller scale, passenger accompanied space travel plausible and much safer, the space program in the United States seems to merit less and less government funding every passing year. So with all of space waiting to be discovered, decoded, and explored, why do we as a country, seem to be turning our backs on the space program?

Arguments abound as to why the space program is a waste of our precious time, government resources and...
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