Should the Use of Mobile Phones Be Allowed by Students in the S.H.S.

Topics: Mobile phone, Internet, Cordless telephone Pages: 2 (503 words) Published: November 5, 2010

Mr. chairman, Honorable Headmaster, Panel of Judges, Impartial time keepers, Teaching and Non-teaching staff, Co-debaters, Ladies and Gentlemen, I deem it a great honour to be called upon this important issues to express my view on the topic “SHOUID MOBILE PHONE BE USED IN S.H.Ss”.

I completely disagree with the motion that mobile phones should be used in S.H.Ss. When we consider its usage, there are several benefits in the use of mobile phones since it has become very demanding in all aspect of lives in the world. Mobile phones are modern technological handset devices which is use in communication; giving information, making queries, sending messages etc.

Even though the use of mobile phones in school is recommended to give students the opportunity to access the internet for research aspect of their academic studies and beyond, and also allow them to communicate with their parents or guardians outside the school campus, Mr. chairman, I want to speak against the motion .

If student are allowed or permitted to use the phone in schools some students will use it to call their boyfriends, communicating during the night and many other things ,which will disturb others persons sound sleep and also it will not help them to sleep early .Since they were not able to sleep early, they will be found in class sleeping whiles lessons is in progress .These will not help them to learn enough and it also make their academic performance run down. Mr, chairman, again, if phones are permited to be use there is going to be a competition in it usage ,some will be nice and of good qualities. Since others do not have they will sneak to steal others phones and if care is not taken they may sneak out of the school to their boyfriend to get more money to be able to get the type of phones their friends have this make the student copy a bad habits like stealing, using their school fees...
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